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WinRescue XP 1.08.48

WinRescue XP Editor's Review

I was searching for a nice and easy to use backup and restore solution when I found WinRescue. Unfortunately, the program doesn't have a nice user interface and the scrolling text at the bottom of the main window is annoying, in my opinion.

The program also supports defragmenting the Windows Registry. However, I didn't notice an improvement in performance after using this feature. The Registry can be backed up and restored separately anytime you like. I really don't imagine why, in times when floppy drives are only found on old computers, WinRescue offers the option of creating a bootable diskette.

You can define 4 backup configurations in the settings dialogs. This is not really enough, but that's all the application provides. Another thing I don't like about this software is the fact that it boasts about giving access to troubleshooters, when, in fact, these troubleshooters are the ones which are built into the Windows Help system.


Drawbacks / flaws: As I said, the user interface is not very nice or easy to use. While testing the program, I received some weird error messages, so I can say that the application's stability is doubtful.

In conclusion: I wouldn't trust my data with an application that is sometimes unstable. On the other hand, this software has some interesting features considering its low price.

version reviewed: 1.08.41

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